Note About Imprudence Viewer

Hello everyone,

I want to touch on the subject of using Imprudence in OpenSimulator as of now, and I hate to bring this up to people but it is obsolete. I know that they have recently released a new beta of the viewer but it still lacks three big features that are in the 0.7.6 and some from the current stable 0.7.5 branch of OpenSimulator. We highly encurage users to consider using an alternative viewer to upload their creations to make sure their viewer can support the new features of opensimulator.

Features that Imprudence Does NOT Support

  • Jump more than 4096 regions away
  • Mesh uploads
  • Viewing Mesh (shows up as weird triangles)
  • Multiple Attachments on a point
  • Inability to see users using multiple attachments on the same point properly
  • Build tools outdated

We highly recommend these two viewers for importing XML files. They both are v1 style like imprudence, but have all the new features that are needed to view worlds correctly:

Cool VL Viewer: This viewer is extremely light and super fast, however is only for Linux and Windows. You can download the viewer from:

Singularity Viewer:  This viewer is closely worked with opensimulator and is worked on almost daily, this viewer is cross platform and can be made to look like imprudence. You can download it from


Zetamex Staff