Zadaroo Now ~ Public Domain [CC-0]

Zetamex has decided to officially stop funding Zadaroo. This was a decision that was not taken lightly by those at Zetamex, this was done after a considerable debate. Since the entire content of this site is licensed as Public Domain, the choice to make Zadaroo it’s own site and hosted by itself and not be a part of Zetamex anymore. The site is now setup as a static site, for all the metaverse to use without charge or any sort of cost to its visitors. This site will receive no new content nor updates, except those that patch the server running it and the software used to render the site. The site will not be going offline, and will not be accepting donations at this time, and it is up for debate if it will open donations back up or not. All content has been moved to it’s own CDN as well not hosted or sponsored by Zetamex in any way shape or form.

Thank You, for the many years of support for, the ever lasting and continuing to help content for both education and hobbyists everywhere. The site will continue to function and be privately operated from this point on, for the greater good of the Metaverse.