IPFS Support

It is a fact that people do not live forever, and things on the internet can happen from time to time. As the new widespread adoption of IPFS(A Decentralized Web Infrastructure), I have decided to put a copy of Zadaroo’s assets on there, so that everyone can download and help host a copy of Zadaroo’s assets as well as let it continue to be online even in the event of Zadaroo’s death or even my own. The files will always exist on the distributed network known as IPFS.

You can access the files on IPFS at https://onipfs.zadaroo.com/ or by using any gateway with Zadaroo’s hash QmTKZFnKjXvbPcygiRhJxhfvTcpFnSr5VWrnzzmzpfFoae where you can use any public or private gateway.

Popular Gateways:


If you are interested in learning more about IPFS, I suggest checking it out at https://ipfs.io/ 

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