Download the file and unzip it. Log into the grid of your choice using the Imprudence Viewer and choose “import + upload”. Find the file and click it. Then wait, sometimes¬†attachments have many prims and will take awhile to build. You will need to name it and take it to your inventory. Then from your inventory choose “attach to” (pick the body spot you need to attach it to). Adjust it.

Skin and Nail color hud for shoes that have sculpty feet and toenails. These come with the opensource scripts that were created and/or revised by Butch Arnold of the 3rd Rock Grid.

attachment-zadaroo high heels

attachment-wedge shoes

attachment-strappy high heels

attachment-glasses assortment

Sign-Sculpty Hats

attachment-backpacks-female attachment-enchantedjewelry attachment-elegance ruby attachment-elegance pink tourmaline attachment-elegance peridot attachment-elegance emerald attachment-elegance diamond attachment-elegance aquamarine attachment-elegance amethyst

attachment-dreamerjewelry attachment-cowboy hats attachment-cordjewelry attachment-boots attachment-beadedjewelry attachment-baseball hats attachment-backpacks-maleattachment-fishing pole attachment-uggboots attachment-tophat attachment-ties attachment-straw hat attachment-shopping bag attachment-scarf-mimosa Beach attachment-scarf-madison springs attachment-scarf-fun and flirty attachment-neko attachment-laurel wreath attachment-heart jewelry set attachment-handbag attachment-guitar attachment-gold and platinum set attachment-flipflopsattachment-waves necklace attachment-wicker handbag